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    LIVER & GUT CLEANSE DETOX A 14 day program combining powerful detox capsules, delicious plant-based recipes & healthy meal plans and exercise & meditation support. These Ayurvedic medications are taken throughout each day for 14 days and supported by a full lifestyle & diet plan. We provide you with a detailed  'How-To' booklet that will take you through every aspect and recipe for a truly transformational plant-based cleanse. WHAT YOU RECEIVE:
    • 28 Morning Detox Capsules
    • 28 Noon Detox Capsules
    • 28 Evening Detox Capsules
    • The Liver & Gut Cleanse 'How-To' Booklet
    • Morning, Day & Evening Rituals
    • Shopping List & Store Cupboard Essentials
    • Delicious Plant-Based Recipes & Meal Plans
    • Guided Meditations, Exercises & Breath Work Techniques
    • One-To-One Support from Ayurvedic Practitioner

    Have you been experiencing digestive issues like bloating, constipation or diarrhea? Perhaps you have weight concerns or your skin, hair and nails are in disrepair. Maybe you just feel like you have lost your shine and your 'get up and go'.  It’s time for a change!

    Our Liver & Gut Cleanse Detox works with all the systems of your body, helping you to re-establish good eating and living practices. It's a comprehensive cleanse that works on your entire physiology. This 14 day plant based program lets you experience a deep and meaningful natural cleanse of your liver and gut system whilst living your life as normal. You will receive a box of 3 powerful Ayurvedic herbal medications to take throughout the day with your food. These are all carefully targeted to balance your bodily systems – gently repairing your liver and cleansing your gut. You should be good to go again for another season!

    We guide you through every stage of your day and offer simple, daily routines. In our detailed guidebook we explain all the do’s and don’ts for best results and encourage you to make the most of this time. We explain how to embrace mindfulness & meditation techniques for relaxation & motivation. You'll find simple guided meditations and breath work examples to try out in the evenings - just choose what works best for you.

    We also provide nutritional support in the form of delicious plant-based recipes and meal plans. Plus some beauty & self-care tips for the fortnight ahead! Everything you'll need to give your body & mind the balance it deserves.

    At the end of the fortnight you will feel rejuvenated, vibrant, energised & balanced. You will feel proud of the new you. You will have re-set boundaries regarding your wellbeing and should now approach your health by detoxing seasonally.


    Discuss the Plan by phone with Tina before buying. Contact her now to arrange a call -
    A 14 day program comprising of: daily combination of 3 powerful weight loss supplements, delicious Sattvic recipes & healthy meal plans and exercise & meditation support. These adaptogenic medications are taken throughout each day for 14 days and supported by a full lifestyle & diet plan. We provide you with a detailed  'How-To' booklet that will take you through every aspect and recipe to help you lose weight, naturally. WHAT YOU RECEIVE:
    • 42 'Before Eating' Capsules
    • 42 'After Eating' Capsules
    • 28 'Bedtime' Capsules
    • The Natural Weight Loss 'How-To' Booklet Guide
    • Pull-Out 14 Day Planner: Meal, Capsule & Fasting Schedule
    • Morning, Day & Evening Rituals
    • Shopping List & Store Cupboard Essentials
    • Weight Loss Food Rules & Advice
    • Delicious 'Sattvic' Recipes & Seasonal Meal Plans - easy to cook & easy to eat
    • Guided Meditations & Positive Affirmations
    • Breath Work Techniques
    • Detailed Exercise Plan & Suggestions
    • One-To-One Support from Ayurvedic Practitioner

    Are you someone who has tried weight loss diets but can't stick to it or keep the weight off? Perhaps you are keen to calm your racing mind and gain the focus to be the size or weight you know you ought to be. Find the change in nature's solutions - plants, food, lifestyle.

    When it comes to our health, many of us can fall into the trap of practicing the things that we are already good at, while avoiding the things our bodies need. Almost everyone does some extra munching now and then. Tina’s weight loss program helps you to re-establish good eating and living practices. It is a comprehensive program that works on your entire physiology - body, mind and spirit. Over the course of the 14 days, you will nourish your body with healing delicious recipes, whilst your whole physiology is supported with powerful Ayurvedic herbal medications, that will support the changes about to happen in your body to lessen cravings and blood sugar spikes, and crucially target fat.

    Our comprehensive booklet will guide you through every step of your day. With an easy-to-follow daily schedule plan, so you can see at a glance what to do, plus all the do’s and don’ts explained as we encourage you to make the most of this time. You will enjoy our Ayurvedic, balanced and delicious recipes to nourish and sustain you. We explain how to embrace exercise into your day offering levels of realistic advice to align with your age and current fitness levels. We take mental health seriously and recommend encouraging mindfulness techniques and motivational affirmations to calmly boost your determination to make the changes you so desire, enabling you to reach your goals. But most importantly we help you replace old habits that no longer serve you, with solid healthy lifestyle choices.


    Courage - Have the courage to make the changes you want. You may feel silly at first, but change requires courage. Approach change with an open heart.

    Commitment - If your approach is half hearted, you will get half the results you were hoping for.

    Consistency - Buddha says, a jug fills drop by drop.


    RESIDENTIAL 200HR TEACHER TRAINING YAP ACCREDITED FOUNDATION COURSE WITH YOGI HEALTH CERTIFICATE IN AYURVEDIC NUTRITION, SPAIN This Yoga Teacher Training 200 hrs intensive residential course is spread over two weeks to certify the trainees as qualified Yoga Teachers. As a graduate of this registered training school, you will be able to register with the YAP in the UK and will be able to teach internationally. In addition, you will be able to get insurance as a qualified teacher. Full course details - Please get in touch directly on 07917681627 to discuss payment plan options.



    NEW DATES COMING SOON 10AM - 4PM @ Brackenwood

    *includes light lunch & refreshment*

     An immersion day that introduces you to The Tina Toft Natural Ayurvedic Weight Loss Plan

    Tina will take you comprehensively through the Plan. The day will radically change your relationship with food and help you to make better and more naturally Ayurvedic based food and lifestyle choices. With the help of specially designed powerful Ayurvedic medicated supplements your body will start to work for you and your digestive system will become your friend and ally for losing weight. Recipes are delicious and help make make this a much more pleasant experience than you will be expecting! This will be your gateway to becoming the size and shape you have always wanted to be. More importantly this is a natural and healthy Ayurvedic route to a ‘new you’ and one that will last you a lifetime.

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