FAQ: How to Beat Bloating

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FAQ: How to Beat Bloating

So what is bloating? Bloating can be extremely painful and you can get it at any stage of your life. It sits in your lower colon in your large bowel. It happens when your gastrointestinal tract is filled with air or gas. One of the reasons it gets trapped here is from what you are eating.


What causes bloating?

There are a lot of different causes of bloating. One of the main things that cause bloating is what we eat and when we eat. Raw food is one of the worst things you can eat if you suffer from bloating. We tend to see raw food as being light and airy. When light and airy is one of the worst things for our digestive system. It has to work a lot harder to digest. This causes bloating in the lower colon as it has not been properly digested in the gut.

Chewing gum also isn’t great for bloating. Your brain sends signals to your stomach that food is on the way when there isn’t. Your mouth creates a lot of saliva when you are chewing making the stomach create acids that cause bloating.

The time of the day that you eat also can cause bloating. If you eat too late or too early it can really affect your stomach. Snacking causes bloating too. It is best to have three warm and grounding meals through the day.

Fizzy drinks are not your friend when it comes to bloating. It causes a lot of gas in the lower colon.

Tina’s Top Tip-: Keep your meals simple – don’t overpower them with lots of different small grains etc.

Do periods or menopause cause bloating?

The answer is yes and no. When you are on your period or going through menopause there is a lot of natural acids in your gut. One of the things you can do help relive that is sip on warm water or hold a warm hot water bottle on your lower abdominal.

Do Carbs Cause Bloating?

It’s actually not the carbs it’s yeast! If you are someone who eats a lot of bread you might tend to suffer from bloating more. The amount of yeast will build up in your stomach and lower colon. Tina suggests switching your bread to bread with small amounts of yeast or no yeast at all. Flatbreads, pittas, and sourdough have smaller amounts of yeast. Pumpernickle is a fantastic no yeast option for bread.

Tina’s Top Tip;- If you think you have a gluten allergy go get checked!

Recipes for bloating

There is plenty of recipes for bloating over on community!

Quick fixes for dealing with bloating

Sip warm water! In-between your meals sip warm water – not tea or coffee. Try having warm water with your meals instead of a cold drink. It gives our gut a little helping hand when digesting food.

Change the type of foods you are eating. Stay away from raw food, crisps, and nibbles. They are light and airy. Tina likes to call it bird food. If you are having raw carrots instead try slightly cooking them to help your gut digest them better. If you are eating salads Tina suggests using a good thick oil with your salad it won’t make you gain weight but it will help your gut. Tina suggest completely cutting out salads especially in the autumn/winter.

Yoga and relaxation are fantastic for bloating. You need to try and relax your stomach. Tina has a video here that can help you with painful bloating. Squeezing the colon encourages good peristalsis. So it is important to try and do this when you can. Tina suggests bringing your knees into your chest.

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